Every year, 50 million animals—including dogs and cats—are strangled, hanged, and beaten to death for their fur, and millions more, including crocodiles and snakes, are boiled, skinned alive, or otherwise killed for the leather industry!

November 23 —the busiest shopping day of the year—(that’s the day after Thanksgiving) is Fur-Free Friday—an international day of action against killing animals for their skins. Speak up and urge your friends to cross animal skins off their holiday lists for good!

By shopping cruelty-free and avoiding fur, leather, wool, down, and exotic skins, you are speaking out against cruelty to animals. Vegan products are available at mainstream stores like Payless, Target, H&M, Forever 21, and more!  Just look for faux leather, faux fur, cotton instead of wool, and other man-made materials!