Have you ever seen such beautiful eyes?
These are the eyes of a loris. This rare nocturnal species with big eyes is also a PRIMATE, just like you and me…The slow loris is the only venomous primate in the world, however, it is also becoming more and more rapidly extinct. Pet trade, deforestation and lack of care are some of the main reasons for this.

How you can help
The survival of species such as the slow loris is in your hands, everyone can make a difference.
■ Please do not buy or keep slow lorises as pets.
■ Become an advocate for helping Indonesia’s native animals.
Gain awareness of the issues facing the slow loris then tell your friends and family. (and reblog this)
■ Preserve the habitat for the animals. The main driver for deforestation is the multi-million dollar palm oil industry. This poses a direct threat to lorises. Petition your supermarkets to stock products that only use palm oil from sustainable forests.
■ If you find slow lorises on sale or in people’s houses, please contact 025 138 9232.